Control And Prevention Of Tick Infestations

Here is a brief summary of how this could be achieved. Collectively, tick control white bluff practices succeed if steps advised by a body as high as the Center for Disease Controlled are followed. Should such steps be followed, both residential and commercial property owners will be in a good position to create what is known as a tick-safe zone. The CDC as well as other reports indicate that tick-borne diseases are increasing.

Also on the increase is lyme disease. To begin to stem the tide, and this should be common knowledge, all property owners should always make sure that all trash is removed from their properties. Old furniture and mattresses should never be left standing around because ticks use these for hiding. In gardens, leaf litter should always be removed. Tall grass and brush around properties and at lawn edges should be cleared.

Lawns need to be mowed on a regular basis. A three feet wide barrier of wood chips or gravel should be placed between lawns and wooded areas. This will help to restrict the migration of ticks into recreational areas. Wood needs to be neatly stacked in dry areas. This practice should also discourage the infestation of rodents. Playground equipment, decks and patios should never be close to yard edges and trees.

Stray dogs as well as wild animals should always be discouraged from entering properties’ yards. This can be easily done by constructing fences. Apart from using above-said old furniture, mattresses and trash as hiding places, ticks will also breed here, rodents as well. Still, more, perhaps much more needs to be done at the height of the current pandemic. Indeed, greater awareness has already been created.

tick control white bluff

It may be ironic but sometimes crises do bring the best out of people to ensure that they do the right thing.