No More Renovation Blues

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If blue just happens to be your favorite color, then by all means, go right ahead and revise this note’s heading. What to call it then? There are many more colors behind the familiar-looking rainbow, so you go right ahead and pick out your darkest color. This is the color that relates to your darkest moods. One of the causes is maybe finding the time, space and budget to take up a home renovation pickerington contract.

Time is now inconsequential. This is ironic because it would appear that more households do indeed have more time on their hands.

Space may well be at a premium. So too logistics. But there is nothing that a little more innovation cannot achieve. Add to that the motivation and the will to make the project a success. And before you know it, a dash of dirty pink is added in subtle ways to the renovated home’s interior walls. Or will there be those with a touch more class and subsequent liminal intentions who will opt for numerous shades of white.

Who would have thought that there could be so many shades? Nevertheless. Now, what would the effect be; what would the design intention be, what would observers, hopefully enthralled, make of the eclectic combination of three shades in the form of pink, white and blue. Convention is, however, maintained in order to remain on the safe side. This could have something to do with the modern family’s new arrival.

In which case a freshly decorated nursery has been prepared. The tradition is to paint the walls blue in commemoration of the boy’s arrival. Pink marks the young lady’s arrival. But as to the color white in the young child’s nursery, what could that possibly signify?