Ways to Light Outdoor Living Spaces

With warmer weather comes more time spent outdoors. However, getting out and about may be a bit difficult if you find yourself stuck inside while the sun is shining. Building an outdoor living space can be an excellent investment, giving you somewhere to relax and take in your natural environment while adding value to your home.

Before you start building an outdoor space, it’s essential to plan accordingly and figure out the lighting you’ll want and need. Let’s explore some of the fixtures for outdoor living rooms knoxville residents will love.

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String Lights

String lights are simple and inexpensive, adding beauty to any living space whether it is outdoors or indoors. You’ll need to make sure there is an outlet to plug these lights in; other than that, you’re on your way to having a gorgeous outdoor living space. To make things even better, you can find plenty of inspiration online or speak with design experts on how to spice up your backyard.

Ceiling Fans

If you’re looking for increased comfort along with ambient lighting, consider installing an outdoor ceiling fan in your exterior space. You can perform these installations on your own, but an expert can make sure your fan is properly installed and functioning as it should. They can also recommend the fan diameter needed for your space and where it should be placed.

Portable Lighting

You can also use floor lamps or table lamps outdoors, as long as they’re designed for it. Wet rated lighting fixtures, like lanterns, can be placed outdoors to give your exterior living space a warm and cozy aesthetic. You’ll want to watch out for the wind, though, as it can knock down fixtures placed on tables and decks.

Are you ready to start enjoying your outdoor living room? Get started and make sure you have the proper lighting to fully enjoy the space you create.